A viral video of a campus student caught eating someone’s wife has taken social media by a storm. The student, believed to be from the University of Nairobi, was caught red-handed by the lady’s husband. The person recording the video repeatedly refers to him as Boaz.

The enraged husband is heard asking his wife how far they have come and the tribulations they have overcome as a couple.

The lady is still enrolled in Maseno University though married off to the now heartbroken man. The two have a child who was in the custody of the wayward wife at the time of the incident.

The man had rented his beloved wife a bedsitter away from the university hostels; if whatever he says in the video is to go by.

He sounds pained that the two had been enjoying themselves in a house whose bill he settles and perform their romantic acts in the full glare of his infant.

Maseno University students who claim to be close to the lady alleged that the man was flanked by two other well-built men when they caught Boaz and his wife in action.

The two lovers were recorded and forced to share the video on their WhatsApp statuses and groups.

Sources claim that the lady’s husband took their baby and left the two wishing them a better life together. The video has since attracted a myriad of mixed reactions with others condemning and another group praising Boaz.

Fun-loving netizens have endorsed Boaz as the new Mafisi Sacco chairman and are anxiously waiting for his coronation.

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