The people of a small village in Nigeria were left in shock when a suppose wizard crash-landed on a rooftop when he was returning from the coven.

This incident that happened at Okpokpor in the Delta State gives an account of a man called Omamuyovwi who was stuck on the rooftop of a building with a naira note held firmly in his palm.

According to reports, this man has always been suspected of being a wizard following his clandestine dealings in the community. Although he is an ‘Okada’ man with a wife and two children, it is said that Omamuyovwi is possessed with evil powers and has been inflicting spiritual wounds on victims.

Per the account, after he got stuck on the rooftop, community members dragged him down with plantain leaves and at a point wanted to lynch him. It took the community vigilante to come to his rescue.

He was later sent to his home with a crowd of people following. That was where Omamuyovwi confessed that he is a wizard and behind all the evil and mind-blowing atrocities happening in the community.

According to him, he went on his usual wizardry rounds and visited a ‘juju’ man where he went to fortify himself with more spiritual powers but unfortunately, when he was returning he “ran out of fuel’ and crash-landed on the rooftop.

Witchcraft, wizardry and other related spiritual dealings are heavily entrenched in the minds of many Africans living on the continent. The belief in superstition, evil spirits, taboos and stereotypical ideas are rife in Africa thus this act by Omamuyovwi certainly gives credence to this stand or whatsoever.

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