The #YAGYAE and #MAGAYE have been trending on social media in the past 24 hours because Ghanaian netizens are using them to share al the funny ideas as to what they will cease doing in 2021.

The #YAGYAE is coined from the local parlance Twi which means “We have stopped doing” while the #Magyae is also coined from the same parlance which means “I have stopped doing.”

As 2021 beckons, Ghanaians believe it is time for them to stop doing some things completely either because it is not worth their time and effort or because they sincerely can not stand the ridicule. It is another way Ghanaians are using to state their new year resolutions.

The trend was first set on Twitter by a couple of Ghanaian netizens which later went viral, transcended onto Facebook and spread across Whatsapp and other social messaging platforms.

What at all are Ghanaians talking about as far as the #YAGYAE and #MAGAYE craze is concerned.

Let’s check out some of these interesting but somewhat hilarious ideas…sorry if you can’t read and understand Twi

  1. Baby please can you come and help me to fixe my hair
    Saa oko vandapor edwuma nu yegyae
  2. Babe, I don’t have credit so call me now.
    Saa serial callers adwuma no yegyae 
  3. Baby finish me!”
    Saa Brutality adwuma nu y3gyae
  4. I have a boyfriend but I love you too..
    Saa both teams to score edwuma nu yagyae
  5. “If she really loves you , she’ll keep pushing “
    Saa wheelbarrow adwuma no y’agyae
  6. Baby can you sing for me: herh saa live band adwuman no y3 gyae
  7. Baby my back aches.can you give me a massage?
    Saa maalemaale pokaapokaa adwuma no, magyae
  8. Baby my room is flooded again,can U please come and help me*
    Saa John Dumelo adwuma no y3gyae oooo
  9. One minute biaa aban bus nam mu free
    Sesei trotro ne taxi node3 yagyae
  10. What was your position in the exam.
    Saa Jean Mensah adwuma no yagyae
  11. Bro please walk me to the supermarket
    Me: saaaa Police escort adwuma no y3gyae
  12. Bby pls can u come and clean my room for me saa zoom lion adwuma no y3gyae
  13. Baby can you pound the fufu for me. Saa John Dumelo adwuma no yegyae
  14. I have a child but I hope you don’t mind loving us both
    Saa Yesu mm)fra adamfo adwuma no y3gyae
  15. When u put something on ur status dey will be lyk send am send am. Saa xender adwuma no magyae
  16. Baby am not feeling well, pls come and take care of me, Saa community nursing sem no yagyae
  17. Baby can you come and cook for me….. saaa chef adwuma no, yagyae
  18. My parents are ahome but I want you to come over
    Saa into the badlands adwuma no yagyae
  19. Honey, honey where are you taking me this Xmas
    Saa nkwasia excursion adwuma no y’agyae
  20. Him: Babe, its weekend can you please come over and wash my things for me?
    Me: Saa wenkyewenkye adwuma no yɛgyae
  21. baby my heart beats for you only..
    massa saaaa.. Killbeatz instrumentals nu yegyae…
  22. Tall boy dating a short girl
    Saa Samsung earpiece adwuma no magyae
  23. Babe can you please get me airtime,my data is finished
    Me: sister, saaa network agent adwuma no, yagyae wai
  24. Boo please can u deliver this items to Anita my friend for me?
    Me- Bae even Jonah didn’t go where Jesus sent him ,saa Asumafour adwuma nu y3 agyae
  25. Babes: can u please open this malt bottle with your teeth for me?
    Me: Saa Otokonu styles nu yegyea oo

Check Out Some Screenshots Below

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