A guy and his friends lashed his girlfriend who was caught cheating.

A guy is trending on social media after he and his friends lashed the hell out of his girlfriend when he was allegedly caught cheating.

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The video had the lady lying on a bed while his boyfriend together with his friends use leather belts and other items to cane her.

A few reactions gathered on the video had a lot of people blasting the lady.

  • That is what you get when you follow yahoo boys. You like Benz abi🚶🏿
  • Ordinary boyfriend not even husband 🤔hmm
  • Like I saw dis video and was shedding emotional tears it hurt so badly 😭 seeing a lady been insulted dis way
  • What kind of nonsense is this for cry out loud and all this dude too gang up to beat up the lady, even if na him wife self ma rubbish let alone she be girlfriend… what exactly is their problem
  • Them get people way them day do all this nonsense sha nobody born of a woman can do this to me you day mad Nah you get my chatting spirit
  • I don’t think that is the reason but if it is then maybe the guy has invested so much on her.

The guys need to be arrested

Watch the video below:



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