Col. Muammar Gaddafi, an African soldier who became known for his great ideas to liberate Africa from the yoke of neocolonialism. Under Gaddafi, Libya had foreign reserves of $150 billion and 0 debt. The country also had one of the world’s strongest currencies. Libyans had interest free loans too.

in 2011 before he was killed, 1 Libyan Dinar equalled $0.82781 . Gaddafi wanted to give all African countries the Dinar to strengthen their economies. This was when the West came for him. But why would America care if a president is a dictator?

Mugabe Would’ve Died Sooner If That Was The Case. Gaddafi Was Killed Because He Was In The Process of Uniting Africa Through One Bank & One Currency and One Army. That Would Mean That We Would Trade Our Resources With Each Other & Places Like Europe Would Fall Apart.

The Americans too Would Fall Apart, Although They Are Powerful Economically, They Have No Resources Of Their Own. Their Money Would Lose Value Over Night & Become Worse Than Zimbabwe, Africa Would Be The Most Powerful Continent Because Africa Has All The Resources.

All The Resources That Make America “Great” Are Here. Same Applies to Europe. Without Our Gold Oil & Diamonds. That All Changes Over Night.

In Libya Electricity and water was extremely free Every Family received Breakfast Every morning from the government paid fully , unemployed youths were paid what yes I said it right unemployed youths were paid. They used One of our own Barack Obama to kill him.

They Are Funding and sponsoring terrorism in Africa like Boko Haram, Alshabaab and other organizations to create instability, its called DIVIDE AND RULE method of war. With The Help Of Russia, A Powerful Africa Is A Threat. That’s Why They Make Sure That Our Leaders Are Puppets. Gaddafi was never and would have never been a puppet.

Jacob Zuma, President of South Africa Was On A Mission To Make South Africa The First African Country With Nuclear Technology. That Would Mean No Country In The World Would Bully Us as We Could Take Back Our Land & Nobody Would Say Anything. So They Pushed The Media To Remove Zuma.

Leaving South Africa Defenceless Against Foreign Power and No African Country Intervened to support South Africa that’s where the Divide rule comes in. You Think These African Soldiers We Have Can Stop An Invasion ? These Soldiers Are Not Even Battle Tested.

America Has Been In War For Plus 100 Years. We Needed Nuclear Technology To Be Able To Make Decisions Without Foreign Interference. USA Hates Korea and Russia But They Can’t Touch Them Because Of Nuclear Technology and Weapons.

About a virus outbreak th is is what Gaddafi Said: “They would create the virus themselves and sell you the antidotes, thereafter, they will pretend to spend time finding the solution when they already have it.

Gaddafi was working towards a “United States of Africa” haven a competing economy in the world, he also had 150 tonnes of Gold which he was planning to distribute to Africa so that it can be used as a trading currency. When the west heard of his ideas, they went MAD.

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-How did the West go for his head? Can anybody please prove it to here? Or else, as far as I know, only his people killed him. They paid his own people after brainwashing them that Gaddafi was a dictator to kill him and give them the head as a confirmation that he is dead. The role of African leaders can not be over staged as well, at the point of Gaddafi’s death, African leader turned their backs on him, the African Union turned their backs. This is the reality of a disunited Africa.

They are all cowards. Remember Gaddafi was a Colonel in the Military so he knew the language of war that’s why he was fighting for a one African army before even Africa unites he knew the West will try to interfere. He wanted Africa to be fully Independent and to trust themselves.

We need other Brave People Like Gaddafi or else Africa will never be independent. Africans believe in Europeans, Americans and Chinese more than they themselves. They don’t trust themselves at all and that has been a problem ever since.

Take This example: A white man will commit crime in Africa but no action will be taken because Africa authorities view the West, other continents as semi-gods, far from the truth. A black man can be abducted in Europe, get harassed or even killed but no African authority will question.

The African Union is just there as a body it does work accordingly. Imagine if Colonel Gaddafi was to be the president of Africa. Africa would probably be a superpower and the best in the world.

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Wherever Gaddafi is right now in the spirit world, our heroes of independence and our ancestors who were forcefully shipped to slave in the land of those who oppress us today, they will be disappointed with Africa especially the leaders ‘presidents’; they are all puppets and Cowards to the west and other continents. They do not stand for their own people, they are easily bought by money and favors.

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