Some Family members of the late  Ama Broni have revealed that her ghost has been visiting them after she died at a street carnival in Liberia Camp in Kasoa.

One of her  aunty’s known as Aggie, told Dr Ray of KwasiAboagye during an interview that  Ama Broni appeared to her while she was still in her room.

Aggie said she was in her room when she heard her other siblings saying “leave us alone, are we the people who killed you?”

She added that Ama Broni then appeared in her room wearing a green colored outfit and complained to her that her own family members are driving her away.

Aggie said Ama Broni told her she was feeling cold and had to be moved from where her body is.

Ama Broni’s mother, Esi Mansah also added that she always hears her crying deep into the night which has given her sleepless nights.

She begged the police to release the body to the family to give their daughter a befitting burial. Auntie Aggie furthered that  the police have been asking for more money from the family after they’ve paid about GH¢3,000 to them to release the body.

Watch video below;

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