The President, Nana Addo Dankwa Akuffo-Addo is to, tonight, at 8 pm, address the nation ahead of the Ghana election 2020, tomorrow.

After some vigorous campaigns by all political parties involved in the Ghana Election 2020, all is set for the choice of the nation’s next leader to be made tomorrow.

Stakes are high in this, as always, and the president would address the nation ahead of the event tomorrow where he will likely talk about the need to maintain peace during and after the election.

Voting is any citizen of Ghana’s right and everyone who is of the required voting age of 18, as stipulated in the constitution, has to vote. It is not proper to stay away as others would make a decision you perhaps wouldn’t want when yours could have changed things; it therefore imperative that we all go out there and vote.

A Philosopher once said; “The punishment the wise suffer who refuse to vote in elections is to live under the governance of a worse man”.

While at it, choose peace, and not violence, as you can’t stand the consequences of violence in the country.


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