Most people especially those of strong religious background were raised up with the believe that there should be no intimacy between unmarried couples because it’s a sin.

Well, Ghanaian sexpert Dzifa Sweetness has debunked this assertion, stating that it is very important for couples to be able to communicate freely about sex so as to be well aware of what they are about to commit to.

Speaking during an interview with Adwen the Love Doctor on the number one Friday night adult edutainment show, “In Bed with Adwen” which airs  on eTV Ghana, Dzifa Sweetness stated that partners should be able to openly discuss what they like about sex and how it will affect their lives.

“Partners should be able to have sex talks. They need to communicate how they want things to be and even make plans for how they’re going to go about their sexual intercourse. If there isn’t this type of communication, they are likely to face problems after marriage”, she said.

According to Dzifa, marriage is not the stage couple problems are solved.

She noted, “there are some problems that you can’t say you want to get married before you solve them. You’re supposed to check those things during courtship and if you can’t, you back out”.

The sex coach added that people, during courtship, must observe and be certain that the person they are considering committing their whole life to, is a matured person, not just by age but mentally, emotionally, and in every way

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