A Nigerian Pastor, George Amaechi Okeaghalam is reportedly in the grips of the police after an alleged rape of a 5-year-old girl with just a few days to the said pastor’s wedding

The sad incident happened in Umuguma village, Owerri as reported by by an NGO (Sweet Mothers Foundation) which said that the victim was lured to the pastor’s house after she went to play with friends but didn’t meet them at their usual playground and she decided to do her own things.

The pastor, it was reported, after the act, threatened to kill the child if she told anyone what he did to her.

An invitation card attached to the post shows that the pastor is reportedly set to wed on Saturday, December 12, at Heaven Power Believers Solution Ministry in Owerri.

Below is the full report of the barbaric act by the pastor by the NGO, Sweet Mothers Foundation;

“The suburb in the town of Umuguma, Owerri has been thrown into fear of the safety of their recreational children as a 5 year old child has been defiled by an alleged Pastor, neighbor and acquaintance of the girl’s parents.
The victim’s mother told of how she came back and met a disturbed and moody girl with a gait that suggested she has been harmed. Out of instinctive wire, she reached for her skirt and gazed at a blood-stained pant. After persuasion and her favorite treat, her daughter disclosed how she went in search of her playmate and decided to fill in her play session with sand castle when she didn’t meet her playmate.
According to her, Uncle asked her to follow him to his house and asked her to lay on the bare toilet tiles where he “did something to her”, threatened to kill her and take her away from her mum if she says a thing.
Since Tuesday, little girl’s mother has been sad, confused and shocked. She only spoke to few women in low tones. As fear-gripped as she is, the other women held only subtle powwows in order not to incite “trouble” or “touch the annointed” as as the accused person is a pastor, a holy cankerworm accorded all the morally right and decenct-filled respect.
It was not until the whispers got to the mother’s brother last night that they matched to the church buiding of Pastor George, 49.
He denied knowing the victim but when it became clear, he admitted knowing her but pointed finger at his plumber.
Meanwhile, the little girl repeatedly made eye contact with the pastor when asked “who did this to you” and go on to narrate the heart-wrenching incident when taken out of George’s sight.
The Pastor has been arrested while the poor girl is receiving treatment in a hospital. She was still spotting around 4pm today before admission.
As you read and share, remember Pastor George is not a stranger. He is a well known person in the family and has personally handed his wedding IV to the victim’s mother“.

See the full post by the NGO.

Nigerian Pastor Rapes 5-Year-Old Girl With Just A Few Days To His Wedding »
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