As Ghana gets closer to December 7 polls, many are the uncertainties and hopes of incumbent Member of Parliaments (MPs) retaining their seats. Well, some incumbent MPs lose in the primaries, but the most interesting thing about politics is that, your win in the primaries doesn’t guarantee your win in the general elections.

It took me almost 4years to come out with the findings and fact after conducting an intensive research on the political landscape of the Ledzokuku Constituency (Teshie), and in this article, I will explain the political history of the Constituency (Teshie), which undoubtedly will be the reasons why incumbent MP, Dr. Okoe-Boye, is going to lose in the upcoming 2020 general elections.

Ledzokuku (Teshie) has been and still is a very interesting constituency since the 1992 elections. The people and residents are very assertive with their political decisions and tolerate no nonsense. When they say they are done with you, nothing can convince them again to vote for you.

The most interesting part is that, since the beginning of elections from 1992, all MPs who had the opportunity to lead the constituency served for only ONE TERM. Yes, one-term Ledzokuku Constituency policy has been the center of the political landscape, irrespective of who you are. I know you are going through your mind to see if it’s true. Don’t worry, I will take you through all the elections held to prove my revelations. Just continue reading this article with a relaxed belief and mind.

Alright let’s start. Since the birth of the 4th Republican constitution, Ledzokuku constituency in the Greater Accra region has had its fair share of the unpredictability of parliamentary elections in some constituencies. So far, the constituency has had five MPs. Two of which are females and the rest males.

Interestingly, all have enjoyed one term in office with the exception of the late Nii Adjei Boye Sekan who had two terms. Thus from 1992-1996 and 1996-2000. So far in the history of parliamentary elections in the constituency, no one has been able to break that record. Even in death, the late Nii Adjei Boye Sekan holds that title to his chest.

One may ask, but at least someone has won two terms before, so why am I saying there is none? Yes, the late Nii Adjei Boye Sekan had two terms because NPP boycotted the 1992 elections. Now you know why. So he contested unopposed in the 1992 elections and won. I’m very certain if the NPP had contested the elections, the results might be different.

Now let’s take a look at this table first before proceeding.

Table 1


Let’s do little trend analysis on Table 1 here for us to understand the mistake committed by NPP. In 1992, NPP boycotted the elections so Nii Adjei-Boye Sekan won unopposed. Personally, I didn’t see that one as a general election. One person contesting, obviously will win. So the main elections in the Ledzokuku constituency started in 1996, where Nii Adjei-Boye Sekan now has a contender. Nii won in the NDC Primaries and also won the general elections.

Now in 2000, NDC maintained Nii through the primaries, but unfortunately for him, courtesy of ONE-TERM policy in the minds of the people, Ledzokuku chose NPP’s Eddie Akita. So in 2000, Eddie Akita won the NPP Primaries and the Parliamentary elections in the constituency. In 2004, NPP changed him through the primaries and brought in Dr. Gladys Norley Ashitey, who also won the 2004 parliamentary elections.

This change really helped the NPP to retain the parliamentary seat in the constituency. Now in 2008, Dr. Gladys Norley Ashitey went unopposed in the NPP primaries. Unfortunately for NPP, she lost in the general elections. I’m very sure NPP could have won if they had changed their candidate in the primaries and introduced a new face.

You know why, because the Akan population in the constituency increased tremendously in the 2000s enabling the party to win the seat for the first time with Akita and Dr. Gladys Norley Ashitey as the candidates.

In 2008, the Akan population got tired and needed a new face but NPP still maintained Mrs. Ashitey and they lost. Most of the Akan in the constituency had to transfer their votes to their hometowns. Those who didn’t transfer their votes, voted for the presidential candidate and ignored the parliamentary one. The presidential candidate had 31,603 votes as against 30,622. If you juxtapose this to the 2004 results you will appreciate the point I’m making.

In 2008, the man who was selected to lead the constituency was NDC Nii Nortey Duah, he also was selected through the primaries and he won the general elections. He was a new face for the constituency. Now in 2012, NDC constituency members understood the game of change, and they smartly changed Nii Nortey Duah with Benita Sena Okity-Duah. A new face. This resulted in the NDC retaining the seat, because if they had contested with the same candidate, Nii Nortey Duah, NPP could have won the elections. Teshie only understands New Faces and easily gets tired with old faces. I will explain the reason they easily get tired of old faces in the subsequent paragraphs so keep going, don’t get tired.

So Benita Sena Okity-Duah, as a new face for the NDC, won the general elections in 2012. In 2016, I don’t know what happened to the NDC Think Tanks in the constituency, and they maintained Sena through their primaries. Don’t really know if it was forgetfulness or intentional, because Teshie doesn’t like old faces and it’s like a tradition. NPP got their cards well and played the change game, by introducing a new face, Dr Bernard Okoe Boye. He defeated Sena in the 2016 elections hands down.

Funny enough, in 2020, NPP has also committed the same mistake as NDC did, by maintaining Dr. Bernard Okoe Boye through the primaries. In fact, he even won the primaries unopposed in the constituency, and I was surprised because I saw the posters of like three (3) other contestants aside from Dr. Okoe Boye, who were contesting in the primaries. Like Vida Tawiah, Stephen Quaye and one man, but to my amazement, I didn’t see them on the primaries ballot papers. Later, I heard they were all disqualified.

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I’m sure the party executives wanted Dr. Okoe Boye to go unopposed, and that’s the biggest mistake of the NPP in the Ledzokuku Constituency. Table 1 says it all. If you don’t really get the plenty English I have written, just go back to Table 1, you will understand. Dr. Okoe Boye is an old face and you know how Teshie treats old faces right? Don’t worry, if this is not enough to convince you, keep reading, you will see hard facts about Teshie you can never challenge, aside the New Face-Old face argument.

Well, this year 2020, NDC has introduced a new face. In the primaries, Sena Okity-Duah contested again, but this time NDC said, no, Teshie doesn’t like old faces, let’s go with a new face. The NDC has elected Mr. Ben Ayiku to represent them and I must admit it’s a solid choice. If Sena had won the primaries, things would be much easier for Dr. Okoe Boye, because it will be two old faces, but that wasn’t the case. An old face and a new face now.

Well, aside from being a new face, Mr Ayiku is a very resourceful gentleman with lots of investments in the constituency. He has provided employment to a number of the youth in the country. One thing I personally admire about him is the fact that he employs them regardless of their political affiliation. A friend of mine who worked for him was reported to him as being a KUKRUDIST but he never fired him. For now, I can confidently say he has the support of the majority of the youth per the interactions I’ve had so far. It’s not going to be easy for Dr. Okoe Boye, because Mr Ayiku is a heavy weight in the constituency.

Well, Table 1 depicts a lot of what may happen on December 7, 2020 general elections. I know by now, you will be saying it doesn’t matter, because it depends on the performance of the MPs. Let me briefly take you through each of the MPs performances before drawing conclusions, and you will realize that, in Ledzokuku constituency, performance doesn’t matter.

Adjei-Boye Sekan, NDC (1992-1996 and 1996-2000)

Nii Adjei-Boye Sekan contested on the ticket of the NDC from 1992 to 2000. Two terms. As I earlier explained, he won twice because the NPP boycotted one of the elections, which is 1992.

It was through the late MP, Nii Adjei-Boye Sekan that the site, which presently houses the biggest hospital in Teshie, LEKMA hospital, which was constructed by the NDC government, was acquired. Initially, when Adjei-Boye took the land, he constructed a school on it, but later informed members of the NDC party that his main intention was to use the land to construct a hospital, which actually came into existence, courtesy President Atta Mills.

Nii Adjei-Boye Sekan served in other capacities as a Member of the National Investigation Timber Sub-Committee under the erstwhile Provisional National Defence Council (PNDC). He was the first Regional Party Secretary for the Greater Accra Region and the MP for Ledzokuku Constituency for two terms. Also, the late Nii Sekan was a presidential staffer for the Rawlings government. Well, this is just a few of the things he did, but he still lost in the 2000 elections. The late Reginald Nii Adjei- Boye Sekan died at the Korle Bu Teaching Hospital on August 6, 2006, at the age of 47.

Eddie Akita, NPP (2000 to 2004)

Eddie Akita was a politician and a member of the 3rd Parliament of the 4th Republic of Ghana. He was also a former member of Parliament for Ledzokuku constituency of the Greater Accra Region. Akita once served as Deputy Minister of Defence as well as a Minister of state in charge of fisheries in Ghana.

Akita hails from Ledzokuku in the greater Accra Region of Ghana. In spite of all the ministerial appointments he served for only one term in office. He contested in the 2000 general elections and won with 21,082 making 48.40% of the total votes casted. He lost in the delegate election of the New Patriotic Party and hence was not qualified to contest in the 2004 Ghanaian general elections.

Dr. Gladys Norley Ashitey, NPP (2004 to 2008)

Dr Mrs. Gladys Norley Ashitey represented the constituency on the ticket of the NPP in 2004 and regardless of her unprecedented achievements, she lost the 2008 elections. She was appointed as the Deputy Minister of Health, the position Dr. Okoe Boye currently serves in. At least, now you know that Dr. Okoe Boye is not the only MP who has served as a Deputy Minister of Health from Teshie.

Dr Mrs. Gladys Norley Ashitey is a MEDICAL Doctor and the Chief Executive Officer of the Christian Pharmacy. As a medical doctor, she organized a lot of health screening exercises just as Dr. Okoe Boye is currently doing. Only two people contested the Ledzokuku seat in 2008, the incumbent Dr. Gladys Ashitey and Mr. Stephen Quaye, 39.

Very surprisingly Dr. Mrs. Gladys Norley Ashitey contested the NPP primaries unopposed, after Mr. Quaye was disqualified through whatever means. You see. Dr. Mrs. Gladys Norley Ashitey went unopposed in the primaries just like Dr. Okoe Boye, but she lost the general elections.

Nii Nortey Duah, NDC (2008 – 2012)

Nii Nortey Duah (born 1 July 1953) was a journalist, advertiser and communication expert. He was also a politician and former member of parliament for the Ledzokuku constituency in the Greater Accra Region of Ghana.

Duah’s political career began in 2004 when he contested for the Ledzokuku seat on the ticket of the National Democratic Congress but lost the seat to Gladys Nortey Ashitey. He contested again in 2008 and won, becoming a member of the Fifth Parliament in the Fourth Republic of Ghana.

He won the Ledzokuku seat on the ticket of the NDC with a total number of 42,087 votes out of the 73,989 valid votes cast, gaining a percentage of 56.9% out of 100%. In the 2012 elections, he lost the Ledzokuku seat to Benita Sena Okity-Duah after just one term. He was the Deputy Youth and Sports Minister. So you see. He also had a ministerial appointment but lost the election. He was defeated by former Miss Ghana Benita Sena Okity-Duah in 2011 in the NDC primaries. He died at the 37 Military hospital on 21 December 2017 after a protracted ailment.

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Benita Sena Okity-Duah, NDC (2012 to 2016)

Benita Sena Okity-Duah, former Miss Ghana, defeated Nii Nortey Duah in 2011 in the NDC primaries and went ahead to win the general elections on the ticket of the NDC in 2012.

She was born on 19 June 1976 in Anloga in the Volta Region of Ghana. She won the Embassy pleasure Miss Ghana pageant in 1997 at the age of 20 as a student. She attended Achimota School in Accra for her secondary school education. She then went on to study fashion at the London School of Fashion for four years. She returned to Ghana in 2003 and has since carved a niche for herself in the Ghanaian fashion industry. She is the CEO of Benita Sewing Solutions, Trade Fair


Benita resigned as the Women’s Organizer of the National Democratic Congress of the Ledzokuku constituency in the Greater Accra Region. Benita is married to Steve Okity-Duah that gave her the right to contest the Ledzokuku seat.

She contested for the NDC party primaries and defeated the then-incumbent member of parliament Nii Nortey Dua to represent the National Democratic Congress in the constituency. She won the election in 2012 to represent the people of Ledzokuku in the parliament of Ghana. The first ever Miss Ghana beauty queen to be elected as a member of parliament in Ghana. This is the votes she obtained to win the seat: 52,524, votes out of the 95,497, valid votes cast = 55.00%. Gladys Norley Ashitey (NPP) 42,038=44.02%.

Additionally, she served as a Deputy Minister of Gender, Children and Social Protection of Ghana from April 2013 to June 2014. She was also the Deputy Minister of Fishery and Aquaculture of the Republic of Ghana. Benita lost her seat to an opposition parliamentary candidate who stood on the ticket of the New Patriotic Party, Dr. Bernard Okoe Boye in 2016.

Dr. Benard Okoe Boye NPP (2016 – Waiting to contest 2020 elections)

Sixth on the list is the current MP for Ledzokuku, Dr. Bernard Okoe Boye. The newly appointed Deputy Health Minister is a respected voice on health issues on the floor. He was the Board Chairman of Korle- Bu Teaching hospital before he was appointed as the deputy Minister of Health. Presently, he is all over the News making contributions in the health sector.

Dr Oko Boye defeated Benita Sena Okity-Duah in the 2016 general elections after winning the NPP primaries. During the period under review, Dr. Okoe Boye spoke more than 50 times during parliamentary sittings.

The medical doctor serves on the Health and Government Assurance committees of the house. Prior to this, he worked as a medical officer and house officer for the Ghana Health Service between 2009 to 2016.

Dr Okoe Boye contested the NPP primaries unopposed in 2020, just like Dr Mrs. Gladys Norley Ashitey, but can he get two terms from Ledzokuku constituency? Well, let’s see.

Now, since we are done with the profiles and performances of the MPs in the Ledzokuku constituency, let me take you through the interesting facts about Teshie, which explains and justify why Dr Okoe Boye will lose in the upcoming 2020 general elections.

1. One-Term Ideology by Ledzokuku Residents

Right from the introductory paragraph, I explained the One –term ideology of the Ledzokuku constituency. Teshie only understands new faces and easily gets tired of old faces. They get tired of old faces, because the old faces are not able to give them what they want. In fact, no one can give them what they want.

I’m yet to see an MP who can give Teshie people what they want, because till date they are still struggling to resolve their chieftaincy disputes. You know what they do, because no one can give them what they want, they keep trying new faces. If you are an old face forget it, they know you can’t give them what they want. This is the idea behind the ONE-TERM policy in the constituency. MP can construct roads, schools or even hospitals, they don’t care, because that’s not what they want.

Well, it was through the late MP, Nii Adjei-Boye Sekan that the site, which presently houses the biggest hospital in Teshie, LEKMA hospital, was secured. Meaning he was very instrumental in the construction of the only biggest hospital in Teshie, but he was voted out. If you build Hospitals and schools, thinking that’s what they want, you lie bad. So for now, the one-term ideology hasn’t been broken and I’m yet to see an MP breaking it. Dr Okoe Boye hasn’t been able to give Teshie people what they want, even though he is all over the media, and this is a justifiable reason why he can’t get a second term. So what do they want? Just keep reading and you will know.

2. You Don’t Tamper with The Annual Festivals of Ledzokuku, a “Do and Die” Affairs

Now, let’s talk about traditions in the Ledzokuku constituency. The people of Teshie are very religious about their annual festivals and anyone who tempers with it becomes an enemy. Presently, the vibrant youths are the pillars of the festival celebrations in the constituency, and they are ready to fight anyone who attempts to stop them from celebrating.

Well, Former President Jerry John Rawlings tried and till date, he doesn’t like the people of Teshie. They are unstoppable and ready to die if that’s what it will take them to celebrate their festivals. Unfortunately for Dr Okoe Boye, he was faced with the COVID-19 pandemic, which triggered a ban on all public gatherings. This implies that the people of Teshie had to be stopped from celebrating their annual festival in 2020. A “do and die” affairs.

As the Deputy Minister of Health, Dr Okoe Boye, don’t have any option than to temper with the annual festivals of Ledzokuku. Personally, I witnessed what happened in the constituency, where the police and the military had to storm Teshie with complete armored vehicles, leading to the arrest of over 20 youths in the constituency. Dr Okoe Boye has made himself an enemy to the youth by fate, because it wasn’t his fault. It’s COVID-19.


But who cares, at least he is the MP of the Teshie people and the people were expecting him to speak for them. He was tied between the people and the President. Later, it was rumored that Ben Ayiku went in to bail the youth who was arrested. Now Ben Ayiku is the people’s friend and Dr Okoe Boye, an enemy. Who do you expect to win the 2020 general elections? The ball is in your court.

3. The Economic Orientations of the Youth Cannot Be Handled

Now, let’s look at what the Ledzokuku constituency wants. I know you are looking forward to that, right? The economic orientations of the youth to be precise is very interesting. I conducted a research for (4) four solid years in the constituency, and the findings were amazing.

I found that the academic orientations which in a way predict the employability of the youth, is low. The hard truth is that, majority of the indigenes don’t really take their academic life seriously. They care less about education, even though they want a better job. Well, if you are from Teshie you can challenge me, but wait till we see a Senior High School in Teshie contesting in the National Math and Science Quiz (NMSQ), before you come challenging.

Maybe, PRESEC-Teshie can at least appear in the NMSQ, so I can take down this finding. Because of this, it has become difficult for multinational corporations to locate their businesses in the constituency. Do you know why, because they can’t get qualified labourers to run the businesses. Qualified labour is scarce in Teshie, but the youth also want white-collar jobs.

You can never get a white-collar job with less education in this 21st century world. It’s just impossible. So this is the reason why no MP can give them what they want, because of their economic orientations. They don’t like education but they want only white-collar jobs. Finally, if you are unable to give them the white- collar jobs, then you have to be giving them money every day to survive. That’s the only way they can keep voting for you. Sena Okity-Duah attempted to solve the economic situation of the youth, but she couldn’t. I bet any MP can do that. For now, Dr Okoe Boye hasn’t been able to give Teshie people what they want economically, so December Polls results will surprise him.

4. The Infrastructural Development Ideology of the Constituency Is Unorthodox

Finally, most people vote for infrastructural developments in their constituency, but not in Ledzokuku constituency. According to the findings I gathered, they believe that, if you construct roads and build huge schools and hospitals, and don’t reflect in their pockets, you are wasting your time. Most of them think they can’t eat schools, hospitals and roads.

Well, I don’t want to say that they are more conscious about their stomach than anything, but that’s the fact. What they will eat is of much more importance to them than anything. I have met a resident who was left with only ¢20.00. He was seriously ill, so I asked him to go to the hospital. He said he can’t spend the ¢20.00 on hospital bill so he goes hungry. They prefer saving money to buy food than to even go to the hospital.

If you think it’s not true, go to the LEKMA hospital and check. Teshie people only go to the hospital when they are on the verge of dying. As in closer to their graves before you see them at the hospital, and this time the Doctors cannot do anything about it, so they die. They don’t care about infrastructural development, they only care about what they will eat and survive.

So, Dr. Okoe Boye constructed the LEKMA road and the Teshie Nungua road is being expanded, good. He has funded clinics, fantastic. Supported schools with teaching materials, amazing. But if all this doesn’t reflect in the pockets of the Teshie people, he should forget about the 2020 general elections. Do you know the most interesting facts? Because of the economic orientations of the youth, most labourers used in the construction of the infrastructures are from outside Teshie. There is no money for the people.


I can go on and on and outline about seven (7) facts about Teshie, that justifies why Dr Okoe Boye will lose the 2020 general elections, but for now let’s deal with these ones first. With time, I will be revealing some, one after the other till we get a two-term MP in the Ledzokuku constituency. But the only way we can achieve this is when these four facts are dealt with comprehensively.

I believe Dr. Okoe Boye can make history by becoming the first NPP MP to represent the constituency twice. For now, he is the darling boy of the NPP party delegates, and he is all over the media with a smiling face. One interesting thing I like about him is his smiles, always smiling.

I nearly forgot. You were hoping to see the FIFTH POINT right? Well, here is it. For Dr. OKoe Boye to retain the seat, at least he needs to have serious interactions with the Akan faction in the Ledzokuku constituency. They are really peeved. They feel Dr. Okoe Boye only attends to the needs of “his people”. I can’t confirm or deny this assertion coming from them but whatever the case, Dr. Okoe Boye and the NPP leadership must do something about it to avoid the happenings in 2008 and 2012.

Our elders say it’s only a fool who doesn’t learn from the mistakes of others. Also he should be very careful about those around him. Some of them are the real trouble makers in the party which I believe he knows. I guess this is enough. The rest are strategic and therefore I will keep them for future purposes. They are my assets. Anyway I just thought I should share some of them as a birthday gift from Teshie. Yeah, today is my Birthday. HAPPY BIRTHDAY to me, but I know with these facts revealed, you are with me that Dr. Okoe Boye will definitely lose the 2020 general election.


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