Our guest today is the legendary innovator from Perth – Dr. David Scholes, Ph.D.

 Let’s start with a few words about yourself.

I was born and educated in beautiful Perth – also I’d been working there as an orthopaedist until 2018.

Why did you quit last year?

In 2016, my wife Julie was diagnosed with knee osteoarthritis. It was a turning point in our lives and a terrible ordeal. We tried everything to treat my wife: physiotherapy, only gentle exercise, various vitamins and food supplements (chondroitin, glucosamine, MSM, etc.), gels, and ointments. But nothing worked. Was there nothing I could do to help my wife with my medical background and experience? Is there another way? So I started my own research.

Please explain…

I studied everything related to joint diseases – physiology, psychosomatics, and biochemistry. I spent so much attempting to find the secrets of the best specialists in Asia, who are bad joint experts.

In December 2016, I finally realised that if you mix certain ingredients you’ll get a remedy that will permanently relieve pain in joints. But as I couldn’t get the ingredients in Australia, I ordered direct from suppliers in Asia – but no laboratory was willing to prepare the formula. Fortunately, I was saved by university friends – 3 weeks later I finally got the right formula and Julie tried it.

Wow – we were so happy.

What happened…?

Julie started to feel better and better every day. After 7 days of treatment, she could walk to the shops, she was smiling, and after 2 more weeks, her arthritis had completely gone! Lab tests showed that Julie had completely recovered – 7 months passed and Julie was still healthy with no signs of arthritis. We’re so happy!

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And then you went one step further?

Yes, but first we just enjoyed life and appreciated every moment together – we then had a beautiful daughter. She was so grateful for the treatment because pregnancy is also a huge load on joints.

One evening, Julie asked if sore joints was a common ailment. We checked the stats and found numerous sufferers – over 500 000 Aussies have various joint-related issues. Then Julie asked me a question that changed my life forever: “Can you help others as you have helped me? Make them happy again?” This was such a great idea. It took me about 3 years to perfect the formula and create FLEKOSTEEL the best affordable remedy for Aussies.

Sounds great – tell us about FLEKOSTEEL.

Julie and I did something that no one else had done before us. FLEKOSTEEL is a revolutionary ointment based on:

– Dwarf root

– Root of wheatgrass

– Cedar tree sap

– Mint

– Birch oil

As most of these ingredients aren’t available here in Australia, we import from Asia.

Thanks to its unique formula, FLEKOSTEEL can treat various joint conditions:

– Arthritis

– Arthrosis

– Coxarthrosis

– Osteoarthrosis

– Osteochondrosis

– Osteochondritis

– Osteoporosis

– Meniscus injuries

– Gonarthrosis

– That’s great – what an innovation!

Thanks – it took lots of effort and hard work. Next year we’ll celebrate our 10th anniversary. This product has enabled 17,934 people to live a full and normal life free of joint pains.

We didn’t set out to make money from this – just to spread this health benefit to those in most need. Quite an old-fashioned approach, I guess. And we hold monthly give-away prizes for our users.


Where can FLEKOSTEEL be bought?

It’s not available at pharmacies because high-cost big pharma companies corner the market – squeezing independents out. Their products often have terrible side-effects.
FLEKOSTEEL can ONLY be ordered from our website.

Anything else to add…?

We give a 50% discount on every FLEKOSTEEL purchase. Take advantage of this discount before 12.12.2020 ! Then FLEKOSTEEL will return to its normal price – which is still affordable.
Be healthy! FLEKOSTEEL is the best product to keep your joints fit and healthy: the best way to be happy.

Good luck and good health!

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