The primary idea of every parent is to take their children to school for them to have good education, prepare them for the world ahead and also inspire them to pursue their interests and hopefully turn them into successful persons in future.

Over the years, romantic stories of students and lecturers have been on the rise which has created a lot of controversies between parents and their children as to who is the cause of such issues.

Not all relationships between lectures and students are discovered but however, that does not mean that everyone want to keep it a secret either.

this is a true confession of Yaw Asamoah, a twenty-four (24) year old student in one of the prestigious universities in Ghana.


The young gentleman believes his hairy dark skin and sexy pink lips are the major features that lure women to follow him where ever he goes.

Yaw Asamoah, who resides in the Eastern regional capital, Koforidua in an interview with Joydaddymultimedia reporter, Asare Joseph recounted that, his romantic escapades with his first female lecturer started during his last orientation in the university as a fresh student.

“I remember the last day of our orientation, we were asked to sit according to our respective courses and write our names and phone numbers.

I saw a relatively young, energetic and a beautiful lady moving towards me, for once I thought she knew me somewhere or coming to tell us to keep quiet because the Hall was very noisy. To my surprise, she shook me leaving a paper in my palm. The paper contained her phone number and a short message saying I should call he

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“I called her later in the evening and she told me how bad she likes me and want us to have a mutual romantic relationship. We spoke for over forty minutes on the phone because I did not really understand what she needed from me because I was very naïve at that stage but all she said was, I should see her in her office at 1pm. In order to satisfy my curiosity, I went to see her in her office on Monday as instructed. She immediately locked the door when I entered. I became frightened and nervous. She made me sit on a chair while she sat on the office table before me. She asked me to kiss her. I became more frightened and stood up with the intention of leaving the office. As I turned to take my leave, she pulled me back and kissed me passionately. It felt so good because that was my first time I have ever kissed a lady. I tried resisting but ended up kissing her back. A knock on the door by a student saved me as I gently left the office” he revealed.

According to Yaw Asamoah, his lecturer sent a text message to him, apologizing for what happened earlier. He (Yaw Asamoah) deleted the message and changed his sim card afterwards.

But that did not stop the lecturer from getting him on her bed.

“I do not know what happened but she managed to get my new number and reached me on the phone. She asked me to come over to her house for some lecture slides she told the class she won’t give out. When I got there, we started with a normal conversation which led to a different conversation and mistakenly made love with her.

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Which I apologized for but she on the other hand, didn’t see anything wrong with what happened but rather told me, she enjoyed it and that it should be a routine which I objected. Naturally am a good student but she kept on giving me additional marks to my scores which I genuinely know I didn’t deserve

Even though, I never asked her for gifts, she kept surprising me with them. When I confronted her about that, she told me in the face that, am in the university and everyone in the institution comes from different background and in order to keep up with the ‘competition’ that students have in terms of a smartphone, clothes and shoes that’s why she showers me with those expensive gifts. Just to make me keep up with the standard of living” he disclosed.

Asked about whether he loved his lecturer upon all her efforts, the 24-year-old student averred that, he started having a mild feeling for her until he realized other female lecturers too wanted him to grace their bed.

“I chanced on other two female lecturers discussing how bad they want me to grace their bed. I stood just behind the office door just when I was about submitting my assignment and eavesdropped their conversation. That’s when I realized it was all a game, which I decided to play accordingly. I gave in when they came calling. Gave them what they wanted”. He said.

Touching on whether he is already dating or not, Yaw Asamoah revealed that, he was, but not anymore because of the much attention, care and love he gets from his female lecturers.


“My ex-girlfriend broke up with me because I changed towards her. I wasn’t giving her the care and love she wanted. We attend the same university but not reading the same programme.

She was smart enough to sense there was something unusual going on between my lecturers and I but anytime she brought it up, I intentionally get angry and brush it off. Moreover, they (lecturers) get jealous and angry anytime am with my girlfriend. My girlfriend decided to report my Sεxual escapades with the lecturers but was scared; it might escalate into a serious issue”. He narrated.

As tears roll down his cheeks, the twenty-four-year-old, went on and disclosed that, at a point in time he had to take aphrodisiac in order to satisfy his lecturers Sεxually which really drains him.

According to Asamoah, stopping has been very difficult for him as the more he tries, the harder it becomes.

He then pleaded with students to be careful of what they really do in school especially with the opposite Sεx, because it might feel pleasing and interesting in the beginning but might have a long time effect on the person.


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