Exclusive Report: A simple worker from GH makes more than $18000 a month while staying at home

Afotey Mensah is earning $18000 monthly working 2-3 hours/day
My name is Afotey Mensah, and I live in GH. From 16 years old, I was working alongside my father in the factory as I was the biggest brother in our huge family. We were living poorly but were not in need of things like food or clothes. I was still happy and never imagined another life until the factory introduced automation and many workers, including my father and me, lost their jobs. We were shocked and did not know what to do.
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We never had any savings, and the future was looking gloomy. I heard that it is possible to earn on the internet and decided to try it, but two times I stumbled across frauds and spent a couple of weeks doing some tasks online and never got paid. A common thing on the internet.

I was in deep despair, but my friend told me to try Cyber Bet, the online sports betting website. He used it to get the additional earnings by using only his smartphone for football betting, and I followed his advice. 

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I deposited my last 10 dollars, started to do the simple $1 bets on football and was surprised after I won $100 in only one week being just a newcomer in this sphere. I started to think about bet on sports more deeply and understood that both my friend and I did not use such a possibility up to the limit. And here it started!

Now I earn not less than $18,000 per month by working only 2-3 hours per day. My dad, who worked hard for his whole life, can now rest, and my brothers and sisters may now do whatever they want to do! We all moved to the big house and can live a life of ease. Now I can’t even imagine how I used to work for a pittance every day. 

How I managed to get all of this?

I found out the Martingale method that helped me to become wealthy and independent. This is free from loss method, and all you need to do is be patient and aim for the victory.

Using the Martingale method, we always bet on the outcome with the odds not lower than 2 two doubling a bet every time. Sooner or later, the wager will be successful, and you get all your money betted and a profit.


Cyber Bet allows betting on both traditional sports and esports (computer games tournaments), but I was always into soccer. I play football, follow English and Spanish leagues. That is why I bet only on soccer. 

First of all, we need to use the bet with two possible outcomes. Let’s take ‘DRAW NO BET’ type of bet and wager on these matches. This is the type of bet that does not consider a draw. If neither of the teams win, the bet is refunded.


Let’s bet 1$ (the minimum wager at Cyber Bet) on Arsenal’s win. If the game ends in a draw, we get our money back and can bet the same amount again. If they lose and we lose our wager, we go to the next match, doubling the bet. 


Now we bet $2 on Manchester United, and if we win, we get $4.64, because the odds on Manchester’s victory were 2.14 (2х2.32=4.64). So we got back our $3 wagered and a profit!
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This is how it works! The thing is you do not need a lot of tries to win. About five times is more than enough, and I can show you why. Let’s imagine that the chances of win are 50%


Just remember the simple steps: start with $1 (or any amount you want), double your deposit if u lose the bet, and sooner or later, you will get your profit!
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Moreover, Cyber Bet gives you a free bet of $8 if you use a promo code BONUSX2! Just enter this promo code in the ‘bonuses’ menu item and make the first deposit. Easy as this!

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